Prep Listing for Photoshoot

How to Prep Your Listing For a Video and Photoshoot

The pictures and video of your listing make a huge impact on how quickly the listing gets sold. Great pictures can help buyers imagine themselves and their family in the home, making them even more excited to view the home in person and make an offer. Even if your property is neat and clean, there are still several things you can do to ensure the shoot goes smoothly and your pictures and videos look awesome. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can prepare your listing for a video and photoshoot.


Prep Your Clients

There’s only so much you, as an agent, can do to ready the house for a photoshoot. The best thing to do is to educate your clients on what they can do to make the most impact. 

  • Have your clients clear any and all clutter. Since photos won’t be taken in most closets or the garage, your clients can put extra items in those spaces to make it quick and easy
  • Make sure the landscaping is updated. The lawn should be freshly mowed, and toys should be cleared out of the yard. 
  • Remove super personal items, such as family picture galleries, wedding photos, etc. This helps buyers picture themselves in the house instead. 
  • On the day of the shoot, make sure pets are kennelled where they won’t be in photos. 


Prep The House

To make the process easier for everyone, there are a few things you can do to get the house ready on the day of the shoot:

  • Make sure the house has electricity, and turn on all the lights. Bonus: Make sure all the bulbs are working and of the same color.
  • Open all the blinds
  • Close shower curtains and toilet lids
  • Move all cars out from in front of the house. Be sure to park at least 1 house down or pull into the garage and close the door.  
  • Move outdoor trash cans to the back yard or into the garage for the shoot
  • Turn off the ceiling fans
  • Remove things from the kitchen and bathroom counters. Bonus: Move all trash cans out of the kitchen and bathrooms


A lot of times, clients get used to having items on the counters, mail on the desk, and laundry on top of the washing machine, and don’t really notice how cluttered and messy that can look in photos. This can make even a large house feel really small. So to really emphasize the space, keep every room as clear as possible. 


It is also most ideal to have your clients leave before the shoot to follow CDC guidelines regarding COVID19 safety. 


Some things to consider if you think your listing needs a little something extra:

  • Pressure wash driveways, sidewalks, siding/bricks of the home, and decks/patios.
  • Remove any outdoor signs or flags from the front of the home. 
  • Agents should be sure their sign is not placed until after the photos are finished. 


Real Estate Photography in Arkansas

If you’re ready to elevate your property listings, contact Key Image Works. Custom photography and drone videography showcases each property and helps you sell houses faster. Contact us today to get started. 

How to Upload Your Pictures and Videos to MLS

Below is a guide on how to upload your listings photos and videos to MLS. This guide assumes you have already created a new listing in MLS.


Click here for how to download your photos and videos from dropbox


  1. Open the listing you want to add photos and video to and click ‘Select an Action’
  2. Click ‘Picture Administration’
  3. Click ‘Upload Multiple Photos’
  4. Click ‘Add File’
  5. Locate the photos that you have saved on your computer. 

Protip: Number your photos ahead of time so that they are in the order you’d like. You can always rearrange them after they are uploaded if you don’t want to do this ahead of time. 

  1. Click ‘Start Upload’
  2. Once all of your photos are uploaded you may close the open window. 


If you aren’t sure how to download your pictures to your computer, view our guide here.


How to Download Photos From Your Dropbox Link On a PC

Once we’ve finished shooting and editing your new listing’s photos and videos, we will send you a link to download them. Many people are unsure of what to do with this link, so we have created step-by-step instructions so that you can quickly and easily view and download your files. 


Step 1: 

Once you receive the email from Key Image Works that includes your Dropbox download link, you will either click the link or copy and paste it into your web browser. The link leads to DropBox, which is just a secure place where your images are stored. You can use this link to access your photos and videos at any time. You can also use this link to share the photos and videos with your clients or colleagues. 


Step 2: 

Once you get to Dropbox, review the photos and videos to make sure you are happy with everything. If you need any changes, simply respond to the email to let us know! 


Step 3:

Once you’re happy, it’s time to download the photos and video to your computer. Click the download button in the upper right corner of the browser window. 


Step 4: 

At this point, you will be asked if you want to allow downloads from Dropbox to your computer. Confirm that you DO wish to download files from Dropbox. You will then be asked where you’d like the photos to be saved on your computer. Most computers default to a folder called ‘Downloads’ or ‘My Downloads’. Make sure you note where the photos are saved on your computer so you can access them easily in the future. 

Step 5: 

Now the photos and videos are stored on your computer, and you can upload them on social media, MLS, or wherever you like. 


Click HERE for how to upload them to your MLS. 



You have two versions of photos: Web & [Property Address]


Web: Web photos are best used on the internet. They have been optimized to load quickly and not use up too much space on a website. Don’t worry- the quality of the photos has not been compromised. 

[Property Address]: The photos in the folder named for the property’s address are full resolution and better for print marketing materials such as flyers. 


You also have two versions of the video: Branded & Unbranded. 

Branded: This version has your name and logo on it and can be shared on social media. 

Unbranded: This version does NOT have your name or logo, and must be used on MLS. You can upload this to Youtube, then to MLS. 


If you are using a Mac, Click HERE for Instructions

Click HERE For how to upload videos to Youtube.

If you need instructions on how to upload your photos to MLS, see our guide HERE

How to Download your Videos and Photos

In this article we will discuss how to use the dropbox link we send you to download your photos and videos so that you can then upload them to MLS and social media and anywhere else you like!

Once the editing process is complete, Key Image Works will upload and archive your final videos and photos to our secure dropbox file sharing account. For most general packages you will receive 2 versions of the video. One that is branded with your contact info and any branding we discussed previously, and one that is identical but without any of the branding information. The reason for this is that the unbranded version of the property video will be required if linking it in the MLS since they require no branding to be present on the photos or video when uploading to a system like CARMLS. The branded version is perfect for posting to social media, websites, landing pages, or sending as a link to an interested client.

Below are step by step instructions for downloading your videos and photos from the provided download link.

Step 1: Once you receive the email from Key Image Works that includes your download link, Just click on the link or copy and paste it into your web browser on your computer. Step 2: From here it is a good idea to preview the videos and photos by clicking through them in your web browser. If you have any questions concerns or see something that needs changing just let us know! Step 3: If everything looks good, Just click the Download button in the upper right corner of the browser window.

Step 4: This will open a drop down with 2 options. Select “Direct Download”. Step 5: You may at this point be asked where you would like to save this download or if you wish to allow downloads from dropbox. In any case you should allow and make note of were the downloads save too on your computer. Most computers default to a Folder called “Downloads” or “My Downloads”. Step 6: You may now use the files however you like. It is recommended at this point to use the photos in the “web” folder to upload to your MLS system. You can then upload the Branded version of the video to social media such as facebook. And then the unbranded version to youtube. You can then use the Youtube link to place the video in your MLS.

You will also receive 2 versions of the photos within this link. The folder will be labeled “Property Address”Photos. The photos within this folder are full resolution and are ideal for print material. Within this same folder is another folder labeled “Web” this folder contains the same photos but are already formatted to be uploaded directly to MLS, social media, or a website.

We recommend uploading your videos to Youtube and Facebook at the very least. By uploading your video to Youtube you will then be able to use the youtube link to place the video in your MLS listing. If you do not have a youtube account they are easy to setup and a great place to start showcasing your properties. Here is a link to login or create a Youtube account and here is a link on how to upload your videos to youtube.

Facebook is another popular place for video and should be your next stop for uploading your property video. Here is a link on how to upload a video to facebook.