How to Upload Your Pictures and Videos to MLS

Below is a guide on how to upload your listings photos and videos to MLS. This guide assumes you have already created a new listing in MLS.


Click here for how to download your photos and videos from dropbox


  1. Open the listing you want to add photos and video to and click ‘Select an Action’
  2. Click ‘Picture Administration’
  3. Click ‘Upload Multiple Photos’
  4. Click ‘Add File’
  5. Locate the photos that you have saved on your computer. 

Protip: Number your photos ahead of time so that they are in the order you’d like. You can always rearrange them after they are uploaded if you don’t want to do this ahead of time. 

  1. Click ‘Start Upload’
  2. Once all of your photos are uploaded you may close the open window. 


If you aren’t sure how to download your pictures to your computer, view our guide here.