How to Download your Videos and Photos

In this article we will discuss how to use the dropbox link we send you to download your photos and videos so that you can then upload them to MLS and social media and anywhere else you like!

Once the editing process is complete, Key Image Works will upload and archive your final videos and photos to our secure dropbox file sharing account. For most general packages you will receive 2 versions of the video. One that is branded with your contact info and any branding we discussed previously, and one that is identical but without any of the branding information. The reason for this is that the unbranded version of the property video will be required if linking it in the MLS since they require no branding to be present on the photos or video when uploading to a system like CARMLS. The branded version is perfect for posting to social media, websites, landing pages, or sending as a link to an interested client.

Below are step by step instructions for downloading your videos and photos from the provided download link.

Step 1: Once you receive the email from Key Image Works that includes your download link, Just click on the link or copy and paste it into your web browser on your computer. Step 2: From here it is a good idea to preview the videos and photos by clicking through them in your web browser. If you have any questions concerns or see something that needs changing just let us know! Step 3: If everything looks good, Just click the Download button in the upper right corner of the browser window.

Step 4: This will open a drop down with 2 options. Select “Direct Download”. Step 5: You may at this point be asked where you would like to save this download or if you wish to allow downloads from dropbox. In any case you should allow and make note of were the downloads save too on your computer. Most computers default to a Folder called “Downloads” or “My Downloads”. Step 6: You may now use the files however you like. It is recommended at this point to use the photos in the “web” folder to upload to your MLS system. You can then upload the Branded version of the video to social media such as facebook. And then the unbranded version to youtube. You can then use the Youtube link to place the video in your MLS.

You will also receive 2 versions of the photos within this link. The folder will be labeled “Property Address”Photos. The photos within this folder are full resolution and are ideal for print material. Within this same folder is another folder labeled “Web” this folder contains the same photos but are already formatted to be uploaded directly to MLS, social media, or a website.

We recommend uploading your videos to Youtube and Facebook at the very least. By uploading your video to Youtube you will then be able to use the youtube link to place the video in your MLS listing. If you do not have a youtube account they are easy to setup and a great place to start showcasing your properties. Here is a link to login or create a Youtube account and here is a link on how to upload your videos to youtube.

Facebook is another popular place for video and should be your next stop for uploading your property video. Here is a link on how to upload a video to facebook.